MatLogica Python Accelerator

Python Accelerator with AAD

MatLogica Python Accelerator is a revolutionary tool designed to supercharge Python, enabling simulations and AAD risks at speeds over 1000x faster than ever before.

Python is beloved for its simplicity, readability, and versatility. However, its performance has been a bottleneck for intensive computational tasks — until now.

The MatLogica Python Accelerator is a game-changer for professionals and organizations that rely on Python for developing quantitative models. With a 1000x reduction in computation times, MatLogica for Python enables clean architecture, cloud savings, more complex models, while maintaining the integrity and readability of Python code.

Transform Your Modeling and Simulations

Blend C++ and Python

The solution facilitates seamless interaction between Python and C++ components. Functions can be recorded across Python and C++ and used to accelerate simulations and computing sensitivities with unprecedented efficiency. This tool not only represents a leap in computational capability but also a significant stride towards optimizing developers' time and resources.

The MatLogica Python Accelerator offers the unique capability to code effortlessly in Python while achieving rapid results. It brings performance optimization and Automatic Adjoint Differentiation straight out of the box, a feat that traditionally demanded extensive effort and sophisticated expertise.

MatLogica Code Generation Kernels can be serialized for cloud execution, enabling seamless scalability and unprecedented security.

For new projects, it simplifies target architecture. For existing projects, even those sprawling over tens of millions of lines of code, it yields thousand-fold speed enhancements with merely days of effort.

This stands in stark contrast to the weeks, or even months, of meticulous optimization typically required to achieve a mere 10% boost in performance.

Unprecedented Speed

Accelerate your Python simulations by more than 1000x, making real-time analytics and complex modeling tasks faster and more efficient.

Automatic Differentiation

Leveraging MatLogica’s patented technology, our tool offers automatic differentiation capabilities, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in your computations.

Cloud Serialization + Cost Savings

Achieve 90% or more in cloud computing cost reductions, optimizing your resources and budget.

Sustainable Technology

By optimizing computational time, the MatLogica Python Accelerator is a step towards green technology, reducing the carbon footprint associated with extensive data processing and simulations.

Advanced NumPy Support

Seamlessly integrate with existing Python/NumPy code, allowing you to enhance performance without a complete overhaul of your codebase.

Wide Application Range

Ideal for finance, engineering, data science, and anywhere Python is used for quantitative modeling and simulations.