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May, 2024

Upcoming Workshop: Supercharge your Quant Models: Unlock Pythons Potential for Production

In this workshop, we will provide a practical solution to address the trade-off faced by quants: the ability to prototype in Python quickly and the need for high-performing models. We will demonstrate an easy-to-use framework combining Python flexibility with AAD (Automatic Adjoint Differentiation) and "bare metal" performance, speeding up models by a thousandfold.


MatLogica Python Workshop

Oct, 2023

MatLogica is Shortlisted as a Start-Up of the Year by BankTech 2023

MatLogica is delighted to be shortlisted for the FinTech Start-up of the Year by InformaConnect (the QuantMinds organiser)!

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MatLogica Awards 2023

Sept, 2023

MatLogica is Central to Two Presentations at WBS Conference in Valencia

MatLogica's Code Generation AAD™ was central to two presentations of the conference:
1. Comparing AAD Techniques & Performance - by Stephan Bosch, Quantitative Developer at ING.
2. Algorithmic Adjoint Differentiation For Tail Risk, Model Risk & Stress Testing - by Svetlana Borovkova, Probability & Partners.
Both presentations highlighted the enormous computational acceleration and efficiencies easily obtained by users of MatLogica AADC.

MatLogica - WBS 2023

May, 2023

MatLogica Receives 4 Chartis Awards

MatLogica receives 4 Chartis awards: Innovation, AAD, Data Parallel Programming, and Innovation in Computational Frameworks. MatLogica has been awarded an overall ranking of #10 out of 50 in the QuantTech rating!

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MatLogica Awards 2023

April, 2023

MatLogica Graduates Accenture FinTech Innovation Labs

MatLogica graduated a 2023 Accenture FinTech Innovation Labs programme, along with another 14 companies.

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Accenture FIL 2023

August, 2022

MatLogica Announces Partnership with Tachyum

We are excited to announce that we have entered into an agreement with Tachyum, a provider of unique hardware that unifies the functionality of a CPU, a GPU, and a TPU in a single processor. We look forward to extending our toolkit to Tachyum Prodigy, to enable native support across CPU, GPU and TPU and unlocking the full potential of Tachyum's unique technology while lowering the Total Cost of Ownership.

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MatLogica Announces Partnership with Tachyum

July, 2022

MatLogica Adds Support for CUDA

MatLogica now supports AAD for CUDA! Learn now how your CUDA analytics can be accelerated by AADC on a CPU with an option of AAD!

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July, 2022

MatLogica Lauches Live Risk

We have produced a visual representation of how we supercharged QuantLib with MatLogica AADC. Visit our homepage to play with this demo and talk to us to see how we can help you transform your risk system into Live risk!

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July, 2022

MatLogica is Used for Neural Networks

MatLogica AADC enabled our partner, prof. Roland Olsson, to design state-of-the-art neural network architectures for time series analysis. It is up-to 3x more accurate than the available cutting-edge methods and the training time is several times lower due to MatLogica’s technology.

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July, 2022

Case Study for Tier 2 Bank

Our case study with a Tier 2 European Bank shows that adopting MatLogica’s technology has resulted in 15-20x speedups, reduced overnight portfolio risk computation from 8+ hours to 2 hours, and reduced intraday risk calculation from 30+ minutes to a few minutes. MatLogica’s analytics have opened revenue streams, reduced infrastructure costs, and improved risk management.

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March, 2022

Online SandBox Environment

We now have an on-line sandbox environment with the MultiCurve fitting and AAD risk demo using QuantLib and an external Levenberg-Marquartt library! Head to our homepage and launch code examples! We've also produced a video demonstrating how we achieved a 350x performance boost for XVA pricing using Intel AVX2 chips and 5 threads.

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January, 2022

Antoine Savine Becomes MatLogica’s Advisor

French mathematician, academic and professional with financial derivatives. Dr. Antoine Savine holds a PhD from Copenhagen University, and also teaches Volatility and Computational Finance. He wrote the book on AAD with Wiley (Modern Computational Finance, 2018) and is best known for his work on Volatility and Interest Rate Models.

December, 2021

MatLogica is Announced a ‘Category Leader’ by Chartis

MatLogica has been announced a ‘Category Leader’ in the XVA components quadrant by Chartis. Chartis Research is the top provider of research and analysis on the global market for risk technology. RiskTech100 Awards is their flagship and market-leading report.