Scalable Cloud Approach

Rethink your cloud strategy

Offload your critical-to-compute calculations into the cloud without exposing any proprietary information. Seamlessly scale with multiple cores, taking full advantage of vectorisation.

When using MatLogica's AADC you don't risk exposing your proprietary analytics or data and can only expose the computational graph in binary form.

Our binary kernels represent raw elementary calculations of the original program. The kernels use modern CPU avx2/avx512 instructions to full advantage, effectively making use of multithreading and vectorisation.

It is nearly impossible to reverse engineer the original algorithms and data. You can keep your data and analytics secure on premises and offload computing to the cloud taking full advantage of AAD, vectorisation, and multiple cores.

As a result, you don't have to think twice about confidentiality and enjoy scalability that is hard to achieve using traditional software development methods.

Secure Cloud

You only ship a binary version of the computational graph to the cloud, leaving your data and analytics on-premises!

Smaller Cloud Bill

By introducing MatLogica, you improve software scalability and reduce the cloud bill by up to 99%!

Speed up Models

You can safely speed up the original repetitive calculations and use AAD for analytical sensitivities!