What We Can Do

Our team of experts includes quants, scientists, and software developers who can help integrate our product into your project, and offer consulting and training on AAD technology.

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We offer a variety of services with our products. We can take you through the entire AAD journey - from general introduction and training to proof of concept, integration, and support.


If you’re not sure MatLogica benefits your particular domain area or you want to compare us with another approach, we are happy to help.

Proof of Concept

We can perform a Proof of Concept(PoC) focusing on your particular use case for several weeks. Free PoCs available.


We will support you during the integration process, working side by side with your developers and quants.

Guest Lectures

Our team of industry experts is happy to do a guest lecture on HPC and/or AAD, tailored for your organizational needs.


We offer in-person and remote training workshops on best practices of AAD and HPC.