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The MatLogica pioneered Code Generation AAD™ approach turns your object-oriented code into data-oriented performance and is designed for cross-platform execution. It speeds up simulations, computes AAD risks, and simplifies your IT landscape with no change to your hardware, minimal integration effort, and a minimal learning curve.

A game-changing technology that has already helped our clients to achieve:

50% reduction in cloud costs

Over £12M in cloud computing savings per year

3x faster new model development

Up to 75% of modeling code base can be eliminted

30x faster on-demand simulations

New revenue streams accessed with faster intraday pricing & risk

10x more with your existing hardware

Improved operations and reduced risks

Live Risk

Example Use Case

Turn your batch-processing risk analytics into "always on" Live Risk server.

This example is based on Quantlib, supercharged by MatLogica AADC. Hit "Launch The Live Risk App" in the widget to see it live! You can access the code behind it using code examples on our website. You can read more about this using the link below.

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How to take your analytics to the next level?

In as little as 1 month, MatLogica will boost the performance of your simulations and enable Automatic Adjoint Differentiation.

Our custom-built JIT compiler enables AAD sensitivities to be computed faster than the original calculation!

The pioneering code generation AAD™ solution does not require extensive refactoring or introducing templates and comes with cutting-edge automated integration and debugging toolkits.

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Our optimisation layer unlocks native CPU vectorisation (AVX2 and AVX512), safe multi-threading, and facilitates 6-100x speed-ups on a single core!

With our cross-platform execution, choose the hardware most suited for your workloads, with a flick of a switch.

If you're using CUDA you can enable AAD for your CUDA code with minimal changes and run on a CPU!

React to new market conditions faster by simplifying your modeling code base and accelerating prototyping and time-to-market.

Use your cloud resources more efficiently, and save up to 80% of cloud spend. Scale your compute quickly and securely using MatLogica Secure Binary Kernels.

Developers are more productive with the right tools

Focus on the models and delegate with confidence - our toolkit seamlessly handles performance optimisations and sensitivity computations, unlocking your full potential.

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